Welcome to Mindful Gift Boutique

Mindful Gift Boutique has ONE goal and that is our Customers. We have great customers that deserve great products.  Products that are ethical, well made and can be used and treasured for a life time.

We specialize in ethical products and provide a wide range of high-quality goods that have a low environmental footprint.  We look for and promote all-natural, organic, fair trade, ecofriendly, made in the USA and other earth friendly qualities that help customers better themselves and the world around them. 

Our Boutique offers:

The cozy and comfortableness of premium eco wool products for the bedroom of you and your family.  Made here in the USA and helping farmers across the western united states.  

All-natural floor products, such as bamboo kitchen & bath mats, eco-friendly rugs made of recycled blue jean material, handcrafted braded jute rugs and mats for any room in your home.

Unique and handcrafted kitchen items like cutting boards, serving trays and hand carved barware will give every party a special earth friendly flair.

Organic, non-animal tested and safe personal care products.  Plus, a new recently added, natural and organic hemp skin and body care selection.  From head to toe, we’ll have you feeling a spa treatment is just a step away.

Safe, chemical free and ethical gifts for a new baby, your children or grandchildren.  100% cotton and made in the USA, boxed gift sets.  Presents that will make you proud by the smile on their face and the knowledge that it will last for years to come.

Handcrafted jewelry that’s just waiting for that special occasion to arise.  Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, birthday or just because, nothing shows love like that one of a kind, handmade piece of art that you can wear.




Fair Trade coffee, tea and treats that wake up the morning or sooth some sweet sensation.   Hemp has even made it in to our treat section with coffee, flour, protein powder and more.  Add some healthy and wholesomeness into every day with Hippie Butter products.  

Oh, and those four-legged friends.  Our babies, our best friends, those with unconditional love.  We always want to give them the best. Tough, yet soft and gentle.  Chemical free with a guarantee.  Hours of fun and hours of sleep is a dogs life. 

We here at Mindful Gift Boutique care about you and your loved ones, our products and the planet. 

                        Be Ethical, Be Mindful, Be GREAT !!!