Mindful Gift Boutique Cares About Your Pets.

About 70% of the US population own a cat or dog, with most owning more than one.  Now that’s a lot of unconditional love.

I would have to say that most, if not all consider their pets, part of the family (myself included).  We talk to them as if they were our children, buy them gifts, treat them when they’re good and spend lots of time playing with them.

You care about what your cat or dog eats, what’s in their snacks and get really upset when your dog chews something up.  Your cat may chew up stuff too and if they do, I would love a pic.  Chewing is a way of life for most dogs but worrying about them getting sick should not be a daily concern.

Chew toys and play toys should be safe, non-toxic and tough enough to last more than a couple hours.  Add in brightly colored, floatable, washable and with a great warranty and you all will have hours and hours of fun time.

We can’t just be about play time though.  We also must have durable collars and leashes to get your pet every where they need to be.  And, at the end of the day they need to rest in comfort like the best of us. 

Super soft material beds with low profile sides make sleeping for any dog a dream. 

You might even choose to go with a pet mat.  These durable all-natural cat and dog mats are made with braided jute.  Place them under food and water bowls, easy to clean and water repellant.  Or pick their favorite place to lay to add increased cushion.