Mindful Gift Boutique Is Now Offering Cat Supplies 


Have you ever wondered how many cat breeds exist in the world?  This answer will depend on who you ask.  We do know there are fewer cat breeds than dogs.  The Encyclopedia Britannica only lists fifteen different breeds while the International Cat Association recognizes seventy-one different breeds.

Now cats may have started hanging around humans and eating the rodents that threatened their grain and farmsteads as early as eight thousand years ago.

But what does this have to do with your furry little friend.  Probably not a lot.  But it will confirm some facts that you have always known.  They are special and one of a kind.   They may be finicky, territorial, outgoing or uninterested, but you will always love them. 

They deserve treats, toys and comfortable beds that are safe, non-toxic and made from the best all-natural ingredients.