About Mindful Gift Boutique

My Three Extrodinary Children

Being raised by my grandparents on a farm in ND, I grew up with certain traits and morals that I have carried throughout my life.  Caring about the planet and how we treat others was engrained upon my mind.


I carried those traits through 20 plus years of nursing.  Caring for my patients and reminding them that they mattered.  Whatever they were going through, I was there to help, to listen them and to give them the best that I could.  And in doing that, I hoped that they could be at their best.


When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004, I had to re-evaluate my life even more.  For once I had to focus on myself, why this had happened and what I needed to change.


I began to realize that I had lost focus on one major lesson my grandparents had taught me.  That lesson was taking care of the planet. 


Caring about what was planted, the kind of seed you used and what you put on it.  Watch how many trees we destroy, how long it takes them to regrow and is there something else that can be used.  What and how we do things to the earth and our surrounding comes back on us.


With those concerns, thoughts and ideas I decided I wanted to share something that was good.  Something that was safe and ethical.


I wanted my three wonderful children and seven grandchildren to be reminded that what we do, use and don’t use has a tremendous impact on the world. I wanted my family, friends and those that I have yet to meet, to know that they can make a difference. 


And with that desire I created, Mindful Gift Boutique.  A place where everybody can come and find that special gift.  Something that was grown or raised and made in the US. 


Special gifts that were handcrafted and inspired by someone with a dream.


But, also understanding that we can’t grow everything in the US or even possess certain skills that others do, I wanted to include products that endorsed Fair Trade.  Products that meet or exceed our expectations and desires for a better world.


With that being said, I want to say Thank You.  Thank You for shopping Mindful Gift Boutique and Thank You for doing your part for a better tomorrow.