Baby & Children

Baby & Children

Gifts For Baby & Chidren  Are Now Available At  Mindful Gift Boutique.


Our children and grandchildren mean the world to us.  We worry about everything they do and every place they go.  But now days, we even have to worry about what they are putting in and on their bodies.

Personal care products should be chemical free and all-natural. 

Safer Bedding should be all-natural and made of organic cotton.  A premium eco wool comforter hugged in a smooth organic cotton will provide any child with a great night’s sleep.

You may even want to leave out plastics and vinyl with this new organic, handmade changing table pad.

Or maybe you are on the lookout for an ethical new baby gift.  And there are always upcoming birthdays.  We have made to order, monogramed children’s blankets in acrylic or cashmere made here in the USA.

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