Mindful Gift Boutique Is Now Offering Cozy and Comfortable Baby Bedding.


Putting your child to bed on all-natural, organic and chemical free bedding can put your mind at ease. 

At the end of the day you will feel that you not only did something ethical for the planet, but you also took one more step towards giving you children the safest environment possible. 

Non-scented and chemical free, non-itchy, antibacterial and flame retardant make these products a great gift for your children and everyone else you care about.

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Crib Natural Wool Comforter

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Natural Bassinet Fitted Sheet

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Natural Bassinet Mattress

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Natural Child's Happy Lamb Fleece

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Natural Crib Quilted Topper

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Natural Family Bed Bumper

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Natural Wool Puddle Pads

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