Cozy & Comfortable

Mindful Gift Boutique Now Offering Cozy & Comfortable Gifts For Bed & Bath.


Stepping into your bedroom or bath should be a calm & peaceful experience.  It should be a place you really enjoy and gives you great comfort.  With that in mind, Mindful Gift Boutique would like to offer you that much needed luxury. 

In addition to offering you that sense of luxury, Mindful Gift Boutique goes even further. We offer Organic, All Natural, Chemical Free, Cruelty Free, Renewable, American Grown, American Made and so much more. 

You can lie in your bed at night and be surrounded by the cozy and comfortableness of premium eco wool that is hugged by smooth organic cotton.  You can rest your head on a “Wooly “Down” pillow, count sheep and know that you helped American Farmers across the western United States.

Not only can you enjoy these mindful gifts, but you can share them.  Think house warming gift or a little something for the kitchen, wedding, birthday, new baby a new pet or any other reason/holiday that requires that special touch of ethical & mindful gift giving.