Mindful Gift Boutique Is Now Offering Cozy Bedding.


Sleep is a requirement in life.  Getting a good nights sleep in a safe, ethical and luxurious environment is up to you and Mindful Gift Boutique wants to help.

All-natural wool bedding is great at providing generations of comfort.  It provides warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer due to the hollow core of the wool fiber wicks.

Wool and organic cotton bedding looks and feels great with its natural luxury martials.  No added scents, plastics or chemicals preserve its purity and make it safer for your health.

Our natural wool is breathable, non-itchy, antibacterial, fire resistant and grown in the USA. 

Wool products are washable with biodegradable detergent or wool wash. Hang to dry in a warm or sunny spot.  Do Not dry clean.  A set of proven washing instruction are provided with every order.

Add layers of comfort to your bedroom with wool moisture barriers, comforters and quilted toppers.  Add in wool filled pillows, neck pillows and body pillows.

You can even start a new baby out with a healthy sleeping environment.  Crib, bassinet and changing table bedding is available. 

Working your way up from crib to CA King has never been easier or felt more restful.  Here’s to counting sheep in a whole new way.