Mindful Gift Boutique is now offering all-natural and ethical household gifts.


What makes a house your home?  What gives you joy every time you walk thru the door? 

Most of the time those feelings are affected by the items that you buy.  Maybe it’s the warm and enticing colors or that soft feeling when your toes touch your new “Denim Blues” rug.  It could also be just looking down at a beautify handcrafted rug that you know was ethically made from upcycled denim.   

Children bring lots of foot traffic to any area, as do your four-legged friends.  Hand braided all-natural Jute rugs will provide durability plus charm to any room.  Our braided jute rugs are naturally fire retardant so if front of the fire place is fine and they naturally repel water so in bath is another great choice.

You can also find that same all-natural jute material braided into kitchen items such as:  placemats, table runners, chair pads, coaster and trivets.

We also offer kitchen and bath mats that are made of the finest quality, sustainably harvested bamboo in the world.  Their great design and glossy finish make it an especially appealing option to use in front of a bathroom or kitchen sink.  You might even add one in front of your bath or shower the that luxury five-star spa look.

Rugs and mats don’t just end there because now even your office chair has met its “mat”.  High quality and durability make these all-natural bamboo chair amts a must.  Several sizes, shapes and colors can add a final touch to any office, away or at home.