Mindful Gift Boutique Now Has Organic Treats


Treats come in all forms, heck even your pets get a treat. 

A morning cup of coffee, or that after dinner cup with desert might be that one thing you always look forward to.  Coffee must have great flavor and here at Mindful Gift Boutique it has to be all-natural and a fair-trade product.  With that in mind, please stick with us as we look for that perfect and ethical product.

Tea is another very pleasing treat.   Sometimes it’s more of a, just make me feel better and stop my throat from hurting kind of thing.  But tea is great, and it comes in so many forms and flavors.  Sometimes I even prefer it to my daily coffee.  Again, with you our customers in mind please be patient as we search for the best, ethical and all-natural tea and accessories we can find.

Eatable teats also come in many styles.  Sweet, tangy, fruity, crunchy and the list goes on.  Check out our new line of organic bulk truffles with several flavors to choose from.

The one thing on our list here at Mindful Gift Boutique that doesn’t change, is what we want for our customers.  We are striving to find the most ethical, all natural, organic and tasteful products that will bring pleasure to you and those you love.

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